We are an Evangelical Church in the Village of Barston.....
     Loated near Knowle and Solihull, in the West Midlands, UK
    We aim offer you a warm welcome to our services and events, however: 

    Services in Church Buildings are currently suspended

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  • Palm Sunday Reflection

    I wonder before we were in lock down due to the coronavirus what expectations we may have had about this Easter time and this Palm Sunday in particular...

    I wonder back 2000 years ago what the expectations were then?

    The expectation of the crowds, welcoming their revolutionary leader, someone who will take on the responsibility to get rid of the Roman tyrants and the religious oppressors.  To get them out of the mess they found themselves as a nation in.  

    They projected onto him all their ambitions of freedom and their desire to have things as they want them to be. Yes he, Jesus can do it and they needn’t get their hands dirty.

    In this current situation we find that it is ourselves whose responsibility it is to get us out of trouble, to free us from this infection....yes it is all our responsibility....we cannot hide behind anyone else. 

    Later the crowds, as they were baying for Jesus crucifixion, on the instigation of the religious leaders of the time, said ‘let his blood be on our hands’ (Matthew 27:25).

    Then there were Jesus friends, we call the disciples, they had expectations, perhaps of glory, power, privilege, all by association they had with Jesus.  They might have expected to be able to influence the outcome.... 

    For many of us today under the lock down we have to obey the rules. We  might not like them, but obey we must.

    And finally Jesus himself what might he have expected. More understanding form the religious leaders, more justice from the Roman legal system, or perhaps he expected God to come up with a last minute reprieve like Abraham and Isaac (Genesis 22).
    But no he was obedient to the end and his obedience brought salvation for all. I know it’s not the same, but our keeping to the lockdown rules can bring ‘salvation’ from this virus.

    Rev Stuart Dimes
    Here is a short video from Stuart regarding preparation for Maundy Thursday
    To save duplication the resources for this are on  Hampton in Arden churhc web site:


    There will be a Maundy Thursday service and the order will be on the Hampton web page.

    There will be a  Good Friday reflection to watch and listen and it will be posted hopefully on Good friday morning.














    How to Find us

    St Swithin's Church is located in the village of Barston, which is near Solihull, and the adjacent villages of Knowle and Hampton-in-Arden.

    We are a short distance form the Bull's Head public house on the opposite side of the road.

    There is a  car park which is for St Swithin's Church and House.

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